Hi, my name is Jerry, but most know me as kingparkergold.  I started my clothing line "Gold Finger" in 2015 with my friends and was inspired by my best friend Kaydon. The brand represents spreading positivity through gold and changing people's outlook on life, clothes, and culture; to stand out, but be golden while doing it.

Behind every design, there is a story to tell. Our designs are inspired by the world and people around us and just waking up in the morning knowing that god blessed us with another day to create. We want our designs to reflect our messages and to share them with our consumers and ultimately with the world.

Nothing feels better than seeing your ideas/designs come to life and also seeing your brand grow. We recently did three pop up shows and sold out all our merchandise at two of them and also put together a fashion show, which my girlfriend Ashley directed. Our children’s line is also something we are extremely proud of, which was launched in April. Seeing people post and share about us and having brands like Nike sponsor our running events truly makes me feel special inside. This kind of support makes me even tear up sometimes because never in my life would I have imagined people believing in our vision of “Goldfinger.” 

I hope to be able to make a living off of my brand and keep building it with my girlfriend and team. It’s my dream to then pass on the brand to my future kids and continue to create designs that we all believe in. I’m so grateful for all the people who have helped me get to where I am and also to the community where I grew up. I wish to give back by doing work shops on how to create a brand, or even by building parks! I believe that any idea is the best idea and that if you believe in your idea, then people will believe it too. 

Check out our website to get to know us and to shop our products. 


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