We all know this: it’s no cakewalk being human. Our physicality limits our capabilities, our five senses determine our reality, and our resources (time, money, energy) constrain our experiences. We cope along with all the others out there who, just like us, battle to survive and seek meaning in this vast, uncertain, yet mystifying world. So how do we make the best out of this precious human experience and reach our full potential given these so-called “limitations?”

Guppy believes that -- no matter how wealthy or poor we are -- without Love, this world is meaningless. Love for self and others is what keeps us honest, respectful, passionate, resilient, and, above all, compassionate. And unlike time, money, or energy, which you lose when you spend, Love multiplies; the more you give, the more you gain.

Feed and be fed.

We believe in a community where we all help each other grow by a give and receive that goes beyond the tangible, one where we can have the priceless satisfaction of knowing we've made a difference. Go and show Love, and keep sharing your own truths, because when you see and feel the effects it can bring on to others, that’s when our lives become richer in meaning and Love.

On our blog, we feature those who are pursuing their truths, whatever this may mean to the individual, and are sharing them in various forms with the world. Show Love and support them if it resonates with you.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m happy our paths have crossed.

Lisa, Founder of Guppy